METAL SHOW & TIB 2024. Reimagine Metal Technology, Embrace the Future

METAL SHOW & TIB returns in 2024 with an innovative concept and a revolutionary approach in the metalworking industry. In 2024, we focus on innovation and technological excellence, bringing to the fore leading technologies that will define the future of this industry. And, for the first time in Romania, we will discuss the solutions that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint in the metal processing industry and industrial technologies.

There are solutions, but how do we put them into practice? What is the size of the carbon footprint that your company leaves, what carbon footprint each piece of equipment produces, how do you reduce carbon emissions, and how do you manage resources – these are just a few aspects that the industry must delve into to find concrete solutions.

In 2024, METAL SHOW & TIB will continue to be the strongest business platform that will promote:

  1. energy efficient equipment
  2. the automation and digitization of production processes, in the context of the energy transition
  3. advanced less invasive processing technologies (laser, water, or microfabrication)
  4. renewable energies and energy storage systems
  5. sustainable materials, with low impact on the environment


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